Plug and charge the container unit. Its turbo charging feature enables faster cooling and achieving the desired temperature of the refrigerated containers. It takes about 4 – 6 hours* to charge the eutectic plates to the desired temperature in case of Chiller units and about 6 – 8 hours* in case of Freezer units.

* Depending on the product and ambient plus desired temperatures

Charging and loading of the container are simultaneous activities, thereby optimizing the operating and labour time. It provides improved efficiency when both activities are performed concurrently and the merchandise cold chain remains unbroken.

Your reefer truck is now ready for making deliveries. Depending on the ambient temperature and the number and duration of door openings of the refrigerated container, Plug n Chill provides consistent cooling at the desired temperature, with faster temperature pull down following each opening of the door, for a duration of 12 to 20 hours ensuring quality of your merchandise in an unbroken cold-supply-chain logistics.