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Plug n Chill is the next generation cold chain solution breaking new grounds. Cutting edge technological breakthrough now makes refrigerated transport more efficient, affordable and environmentally sustainable.


TESSOL was founded in 2013 with an aim to provide energy efficient and fuel saving refrigeration technologies for cold chain storage and logistics. Our current range of transport products creates a significant impact for our clients in enhancing their bottom lines while reducing their carbon footprint. With our constant endeavor to innovate and focus on producing high quality products, we move on the leading edge of technology to make cold chain affordable for everyone in the world.


TESSOL’s Cold Storage and Transportation solutions are based on the award winning “Thermal Energy Storage” technology developed and patented by TESSOL. Our flagship range of PLUGnCHILL products provide an end to end solutions for a sustainable Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Cold Chain. PlugnChill eliminates the use of diesel for reefer operations reducing its operating costs by more than 60% while ensuring temperature stability of the container. The system charges within 6 hours using any power source and thereafter maintains the required temperature range in the container for upto 24 hours for a point to point transport. Unlike conventional systems, being completely decoupled from the vehicle engine, it has no adverse impact on the maintenance costs of the vehicle and eliminates any issues of midway engine failures. Therefore, once stored in a charged vehicle, your goods are definitely safe!


With a large number of deployments across various applications (Dairy, Seafood, Meat, Bakery, Poultry, Ice Cream, Vegetables etc.)TESSOL is the fastest growing innovative cold chain product company.